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If you need it cut, bent, welded, painted, twisted, shaped or wrought, we are your precision metal engineering experts in Kempsey and the Macleay Valley. Call Glenn Oram and the team today on +61 2 6563 1979

  • Trailer Canopies
  • Trundle trays
  • Toolboxes
  • BenchTops
  • Splash-backs
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Water Jet Cutting

Precision Cutting in 3D space With Water
Our Water Jet Cutter is a phenomenal engineering marvel. Our Water Jet cutter can slice effortlessly through any substrate up to 150mm and the articulating head lets you cut across 3D Axis.


Tractors, Cranes, Trucks & More
If you have machinery which is showing signs of wear or that has been vandalised, we can help.


We Make Anything From Metal
With six tradesmen on staff, we can handle your fabricating job big and small. From a simple cut and bend to building a custom trailer, engine parts, cogs, mechanism, anything!

Spray Painting

Gloss and Matt Finishes for Machinery, Components and Vehicles
Our master spray painter Glenn Oram can create the custom finish you are looking for on your machinery, component and vehicles. Offering a full range of colours and paint finishes - from simple rust proofing to gloss finishes on your collectible tractors, Glenn can help.

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